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Our story

The project was born from the meeting of two Actors of the Soundsystem Culture : Melodub Soundsystem and RDH Hi-Fi.
Determined to act for the development of electronic equipments and D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Promotion, the two assciates developped the firsts D.I.Y Kits for (Dub) Music Producers : The first dub siren kit allowing you to build your own Dub Siren.
In the same mind, a document explaining how Dub Siren works is written and distributed with the aim of encouraging the readers to undersstand how their machines are working and thus can have a better usage of these machines ! The time and research investment permitted the birth of new projects : Sound generators Instruments, Sound processing equipment (Preamps, Audio processing modules, ect...) and audio effects, all available as standalone modules in custom units, or as ready-to-use machines. Our will to spread, educate and make accessible our technical knowledge led us to bring our educative and interactive Stand on Exhibitions, Concerts and Festivals.

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