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Simple Delay Kit

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Simple Delay Kit

Build a Delay has never been so easy. This exlusive kit has been designed to allow an easy usage and building. The Delay Kit produces and Echo effect on the sound. Extremly used in Reggae / Dub music, it had been designed so playing with the Feedback will produce a particular sounding. 

The variable parameters for this kit are :

- 1 Delay Time potentiometer

- 1 Feedback potentiometer

- 1 Dry/Wet potentiometer (Mix between Effected sound and Original Sound)

- And maybe more ... (it's up to you to add more !)

Difficulty Level : 3  


This kit Contains : 
- The PCB
- All needed components   

Necessary Materials : 
- A Case like the ALUBOX
- Knobs for potentiometers
- A Soldering Iron and some solder

- A 9V Battery or a PSUKIT as power supply

Necesary knowledge :
- How to solder properly (Read this guide)

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